A Casual Round is the new definition of a Supplementary Score, with scores from any measured course regardless of location deemed suitable for handicap purposes. For those rounds played away from Bamburgh the actual card must be returned to the Club for entry into the respective playing record. For those rounds played at Bamburgh however the only available way to return scores is by using the How-Did-i-Do App.

Any player registering to play a casual round at Bamburgh must therefore follow the procedures detailed below;

1.A tee time must be booked via the BRS system before play commences.
2.Sign in to play must occur before play commences and be earlier or at the same time as the tee time booked.
3.All scores entered into the system should be undertaken as soon as practically possible after play.

Any scores returned not meeting the above criteria will be disregarded for handicap purposes.


In the continued absence of the PSI terminal, all competition scores must be returned via How-Did-i-Do, with limited exceptions only for those who do not have access to this technology. The following procedures must therefore be followed;

1.Wherever possible competitions should be entered using the Smartphone App. Any competitor without access to this technology should telephone/ text/ Email the respective competition official prior to play commencing.
2.All score cards must have the marker/ verifiers name chosen from the drop down
list. This is available on the App display before you commence score entry.
3.A player must draw their signature in the available box on the App before submitting their score. In view of COVID restrictions however the markers/ verifiers signature should not be requested and/or entered.

Compliance with the above will be monitored on an ongoing basis. We do appreciate however that we are asking members to change the habits of a lifetime, so for those not meeting these requirements, they will on the first occasion receive a gentle reminder explaining the correct procedures. Subsequent omissions will however result in disqualification from the competition, but with the card still counting for handicap purposes.

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