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2021 Competition Results so far

3rd April Ladies Stableford J Archer 41 pts

3rd April Men`s Blackheath Trophy F Potier-Godinho 49 pts

10th April Ladies Stableford L Yarwood 40 pts

10th April Men`s Drybrough Cup A Harle 41 pts

14th April Midweek Stableford M Colligan 36 pts

17th April Ladies Stableford J Potier-Godinho 39 pts

17th April Men`s Millennium Putter G Hall nett 64

24th April Ladies Drybrough Cup J Hodge nett 66

24th April Men`s Lake Trophies 4BBB(S) I Brown & A Hynd 47 pts

1st May Ladies EG Medal J Hodge 44 pts

1st May Men`s Stableford S Berry 45 pts

8th May Ladies EG Medal N Rose nett 82

8th May Men`s Britten Cup M Cresswell nett 65

15th May Stopford Cup Sian Porteous nett 66

15th May Jeffcock Silver Jubilee Steve Bains 6 up

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