Local Rules

1) Out of Bounds (Rule 27)
a) Beyond any wall, gate, fence or hedge bounding the course.
b) In or beyond the trench indicated by white maker posts to the right of the 18th fairway.
c) Those area surrounding the Clubhouse as defined by the Committee.

2) Huts, steps, seats, troughs, fences and walls (excpet those forming part of the boundary) are obstructions.
Lift and drop without penalty (Rule 24).

3) All artificial roads, tracks and pathways are obstructions (Rule 24).

4) A ball lying in a hoof mark or tractor tyre mark may be dropped as near as possible not nearer the hole without penalty (Rule 25).

5) A ball lying on or immediately adjacent to surface rock on the fairway may be lifted and dropped one club length away, not nearer the hole.

6) Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24).

7) Water in and around the trough on the 13th hole is casual water (Rule 25).

8) Fields of growing crops must not be entered to search for balls.

9) The practice ground is “that area of ground to the south of the 18th fairway”. Practice from any fairway or to any green on the course is strictly prohibited.

WARNING: It is the responsibility of all players to suspend play immediately if bad visibility or an electric storm makes it unsafe to continue.