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Gents Turkey Trot – Spring 2021

Gents Turkey Trot – Spring 2021

Whilst the competition will take place in the early months of 2021, it will still be referred to as The Turkey Trot with a format similar to the autumn events held in previous years. Those changes made have been necessary to fit in with the introduction of WHS, the constraints of COVID and the need to use the automated How-Did-i-Do App for competition entry and score input.

Format – There will be separate Stableford competitions every Saturday and Sunday commencing the weekend of 2/3 January 2021 and concluding Saturday 13 March, thus comprising a maximum of 21 qualifying rounds. There will still however only be 1 weekend winner being the best Stableford points score over the 2 days and as before, a player can only win 1 weekend prize during the event. The best 6 Stableford scores from those recorded during the 11 weeks will count to determine the overall table results.

Entry Fees/ Prize fund – Each round entered (Saturday and/ or Sunday) will be a separate competition and require entry and score input via How-Did-i-Do. The fee will be £1.50 (collected automatically via How-Did-i-Do) for each round entered. All entry fees will be paid out in prizes at the conclusion of the event.

Those Without Access to Technology – Those without access to How-Did-i-Do can continue to telephone entry and score details as before.

Handicaps – All rounds played off a measured 18 hole course will be qualifying for handicap purposes. In the event however of weather conditions dictating that the course is too short or that only the 9 hole course is in use, the round(s) in question will be deemed ‘non qualifying’, but scores will still count to the overall event. If the 9 hole course is played the scores can still be input into How-Did-i-Do and points will then be doubled for the overall event score for that day.

Score Adjustments – There will be no handicap adjustments made as the event progresses other than that undertaken by WHS. Each weekend winner will however incur a 1 Stableford point deduction, on all subsequent scores recorded on the master score sheet.

Results/ Master Score Sheet – Results for both Saturday and Sunday’s competitions will appear on How-Did-i-Do, with a summary of the weekend’s golf, including the weekend winner, appearing on the news page on a Monday. Until such time as we can use the notice board again, the master score sheet will be uploaded to the Club’s website on a weekly basis from week 3 onwards.

Prizes – It is intended that prizes will be distributed on the final Saturday (13 March), when COVID permitting, it is also hoped to provide some refreshments.

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