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Procedures for entering Gents 4BBB competitions




The Smartphone App is not yet able to process entries and score input for 4BBB’s, so the following procedures should be adopted in these events until further notice;

  • No computer screen or paper entry sheet will be available. Book your tee time online and verbally advise a member of the bar staff of your intention to play providing both names in the pair. No entry fees (£2pp) should be paid as these will be taken from each players Club Card (EPOS) when the competition cards are processed.
  • Use traditional hand completed scorecards.
  • Remember that you should record your own score in the main section on the card being returned. Record elsewhere scores of your fellow competitors for verification purposes at the end of the round.
  • At the conclusion of the round sign for your own score and in the markers signature box indicate in legible capital letters the name of the person who has verified that score. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD CARDS BE EXCHANGED OR COUNTERSIGNED.
  • Place the completed card in the box beside the Managers office door. These will be collected after 3 days, processed through Club Systems and the competition results posted to How-Did-i-Do.

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